etcetera image processing

Image Approximation with Constant-Color Shapes

I want to approximate images using constant-color shapes. Given a shape, how do we choose where to put it? We have the original image, , and the approximate image, . I want to place a shape, , with area on such that it improves the approximation. First, define the average color under the shape (which […]


Angled Splitulate

I’ve refined image approximations with rectangles and triangles. Let’s try with splitting regions into two with a straight line, and filling each part with the average color that they’re covering. This is the same basic idea as the rectangles, except that now the line can be at any angle, rather than just vertical or horizontal. […]


Halftoning with Reaction-Diffusion Patterns

The easiest way to make a reaction-diffusion pattern involves two blurs and a comparison. It doesn’t give the full fancy dynamics of other approaches, but it works well for halftoning. This simple method avoids differential equations, and works with just image filtering. At each step, the activation chemical spreads with radius , and the inhibition […]